ID this barometric pressure sensor

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I have an altitude sensor for remote controlled model airplanes. It
does not work the way I want, so I want to try making new firmware. To
do this, I need to find the data sheet for the pressure sensor used.
It is marked 584KP or S84KP. It is very small:

The wires on the right are 0.1 inch pitch.

Any ideas?

Re: ID this barometric pressure sensor
On Sun, 06 Sep 2015 19:24:46 +0200, I wrote:

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So I hooked up my logic analyzer to it to see if I could find out
more. It seems it is an I2C device with addresses 0xEC and 0xED.

Pin 1 and 3 are connected to VDD
Pin 2 and 7 I can't work out
Pin 4 goes to a CPU I/O pin. It goes high for 2.4 ms at power up, but
remains low after that. Some kind of reset, perhaps?
Pin 5 is I2C SCL
Pin 6 is I2C SDA

Googling those addresses, I do actually find an atmospheric pressure
sensor; the MS5611. ( )

However, it does not look the same, and also the command bytes do not
seem to match.

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