help w/transformer id/markings ?

i have a transformer that i am trying to understand what it suppose to produce from the different wwires

the transformer only has these markings

92-326-416-91 115v 60hz 30/8/2 x 2.3v VDE0551 UL

i have googled these numbers to no end

do these numbers give some clue as to nature of transformer ? or enough info to find a suitable replacement ?

or enough to test it andhow would one test a transformer kjust check volts at various pins

any help or links describing the meaning of numbers would be greatly appreciated

thanks, robb

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Thanks Jamie. but that I can find those values on various combinations of taps/pins (along with other values) but they are not what i would expect ?

that is the transformer has the 2 - 115v input pins and then 8 output connectors, the 8 outputs *by continuity tests are grouped 3/3/2 and the voltages are not a predictable pattern

i get something like this where (#) is an output connection and ___ covers continuity group

_________________ __________________ __________ (1) 2.73v (2) 2.73v (3) (4) 8.22v (5) 16.42v (6) (7)

28.8v (8) \ / \ / ` 5.45v ' ` 8.22v '

does this make sense >

thanks for help robb

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28.8v (8)

the tap for

to drive

8 volts

last one




rectifier, you can

thanks Jamie, this transformer connects to two bridge rectifiers. 28 v goes to rectifier to power a VFD and the 8 or 16 v to a rectifier to power a dual full bridge driver *L298* and then the 5v for ICs ?

i guess i was expecting more predictable voltages like 5/12 etc. but was getting 5.27, 8.32 etc... so iwas not sure if maybe there was a problem with the transformer.

thanks for the help, robb

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