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Pictures will be on alt.binaries. Have large diode. It has a seperate small terminial on one side. Also shows a diode marking. Printing as follows. DELCO RADIO 6909 (diode mark) 632670. Also stamped A3634 and this is also etched on heatsink. I looked in all of solid state reference books I have and Googled every way I could think of. It checks as a diode. I also checked as a triac (no results). checked as SCR (no results) ??

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Warren Weber
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A diode has 2 connections, SCRs and triacs have 3 so it should be easy to tell those apart !

If it's from Delco days I'd suspect a Germanium diode.


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Why? Delco is still in business, and I'm sure their ICs are not Germanium.

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Michael A. Terrell

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