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I am putting together an underwater housing for a video camera. I can't use the built in viewfinder or the built in lcd do to the design constraints of the housing. I want to use an LCD module that I pulled out of a defective digital camera.

Here is where I get stuck. The lcd module has a two wire power connector and a ribbon cable attached to it. Are these ribbon connectors standard? If not, how do I identify what I have? Secondly, is there a circuit board that I can connect this lcd module to that will also have a standard RCA video jack for analog input?

The module that I have is made by Sanyo and is identified as a

2CF2A0130. I'm having trouble finding any information such as power requirements and such.

I would appreciate any help on this topic. I'm a bit lost and need someone to steer me in the right direction.



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The camera may well have a video output for connecting to a standard TV set. Use that and one of those small LCD TV/Monitors. No electronics involved and thay have standard connectors too!

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