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    I have an analog security camera which outputs a standard NTSC/PAL
composite video signal.  I need to build a tiny module which
will allow me to encode the video signal to mpeg2 or mpeg4, and send the
stream over IP.   I have seen some cameras with built-in web servers or
networking, but the resolution and frame rate is too low. ( eg. )

Any ideas on how what embeded linux/video card combo to use?


Re: Video OverIP
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I think you're kidding yourself to think that you can do
better than Axis does.  You might learn something by
trying, though.  If you are truly ambitious, see what
a professional can do in this regard:
This device spits out JPEG images at 15 fps, 1280x1024 pixels,
or 60 fps at 640x480, over 100 MB/s Ethernet.

   - Larry

Re: Video OverIP
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You need more that a tiny module to do realtime MPEG video encoding.
Same needs a lot of processing power.


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