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Could someone please advise me on creating a spice3 output file (through the unix format) which prints a given output with no spaces or page breaks. For example, I'm trying to determine the real and imaginary parts of the admittance in a circuit and output it to a file, so I use the following command:

print i(v1)/v(1) > ../home/result.dat

When I view the result.dat file, it looks good, however, there is a after the 54th entry. I'm trying to get a printout that has no page break. I'm trying to take this file and manipulate it but the new page problem keeps arising creating errors in my code that is trying to read this data. If I use less then 54 data points, I don't get the , however, some of my analyses require many more then 54 data results.


Michael Bails Department of Electrical Engineering University of Pittsburgh

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Why not pipe it into sed or awk, replace the page break entry with a space character, then pipe the output of that into the text file you want?

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Try the command:

set nopage

before your print statement.


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