Re: ExpressPCB to Gerber file converter?

> > > >> Does anybody have or know where to get a utility to convert from > >> ExpressPCB file format to a standard Gerber file? If not any info on the > >> file format itself? > > > Yup. You can pay Express PCB for the file. (No utility) $75 the last time > > I bought one. > > That's not going to happen. I know I can get some reverse engineering > software that will import the layout as a graphic then trace over it using > the PCB layout software to generate standard Gerber files. I'm looking for > something easy and I'm not paying them $75 a pop for each small board to > convert. > > I also found out there maybe some utilities out, still looking, there that > can convert from an exported PDF, or EPS file, to a Gerber format too. > Getting a PDF printer driver is easy. Use the driver when printing out a > copy of the board layout. > > -- > Regards; > > Leland C. Scott > KC8LDO > > "Brilliance is typically the act of an > individual, but incredible stupidity > can usually be traced to an > organization." > > Jon Bentley

FWIW, I've been using FreePCB for layouts the past year or so, and find it's pretty well documented and easy to use. It produces Gerbers, and of course you already know that once you have those, you can find lots of different places to order boards, some faster than others, some cheaper than others. I do end up having to build footprints for FreePCB fairly often, but even that's not too bad, and once built, I have them for the future.

Cheers, Tom

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