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I work a simple single sided board in PADS. I have my components placed on board and all rules are set. Some of the tracks are routed ok. But a little rectangle (rhomb in fact) appers at the corners of some routed nets!!! Could anyone tell me what is that and how to remove that? I've verified my design and there is no clearance errors or any other error....

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It's sounds like a "tack," which is an indication of where a segment begins or ends as far as PADS database is concerned. These days they're pretty meaningless and can be ignored; apparently historically the problem was that selection commands and routing commands could only start at tacks (and while PADS still lacks many features -- even what most people these days consider quite basic ones, especially given the 5 digit price tag -- it certainly will let you select and re-route traces from anywhere you like).

You can turn off their display from Tools->Options->Routing->Options->Show Tacks.

---Joel Kolstad

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Joel Kolstad

Joel is right, you are probably just seeing the tacks. The one place where I have ever seen them cause any issues was when interactive routing with the push and shove routines. Segments that were tacked would commonly not push or shove properly. That said, the interactive routing would put the tacks there in the first place, not something that I had purposely done, so it was a bit frustrating.

Brad Velander.
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