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I want ask you a question that certainly has already been asked a thousand times. Even so, I didn't find a satisfying answer by googling.

My question is: How can I draw high quality electronic circuit schematics ? I need them for a report I am writing about my high school project. So for just a few schematics, buying an expensive CAD software is not an option. Although, I have been very inspired by such beautiful schematics as you find them e.g. in "The Art of Electronics".

For the moment, the best solution I know is to use Xfig, where you can even export the schematics to a special PDF/LaTeX Format which allows you to use formulas and overall the LaTeX-Font within. But Xfig, as far as I know it, has two major drawbacks in schematic drawing:

1) If you move a part, the wires will not follow, 2) You can't see how much place the labels will take in the final document. For example, when naming a part $R_{\mathrm{Shunt}}$, this string will take much space in the drawing but less space in the final, LaTeX-compiled version.

So I am looking for a program or kind of enhancement to make low-cost, high-quality circuit design for my report.



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