WTB 6M11 valves

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It might seem kinda weird, but I'd to get hold of 2 or 3 6M11 Compactron valves for a 1-valve radio project. 6M11's were used toward the end of the valve TV era. Would prefer to source in Oz.


Re: WTB 6M11 valves

"Curtis Wright" < snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com

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** I remember "Compactrons" being used in some portable B&W TV sets  - ones  
that had no AC transformer since the heaters could be wired in series and  
run from a dropping resistor directly off the 240V supply.

Techs hated such " live chassis" sets for many good reasons.

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** You are probably out of luck there pal.

The Yanks have got the few that are left -  check Ebay or sites that have  
parts for old HP scopes.

...  Phil

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