Will the led T8 tube light be the direclty replacement of conventional T8 fluorescent tub...

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LED Tube Light
Advantages of T8 LED tube / T5 LED fluorescent tube light :

 5 mm LEDs are adopted, T5 and T8 socket, 6W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 20W...
 Can be directly replacement of conventional T series fluorescent
 Long lifetime 50,000+ hr (5+ years)
 Color temperature:  3000K-4000K, 4500K-5500K, 6000K-7000K
 No RF interference.
 Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant
 Low power consumption, high intensity
 Maintenance free, easy installation


Application of T8 LED tube / T5 LED fluorescent tube light :
 Factory & Office & Hospitals & Schools
 Commercial lighting & shopping malls
 Residential lighting & indoor lighting
 Replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes


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