Trade price dearer than retail

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Slipped into the Altronics Perth store today to purchase a few items with my
trade card
Some of those were 4 packs of rechargeable AAA cells for the cordless phones
in the office.
The Altronics website shows them at $4.00 per pack (reasonable price for
950mA/h AAA)

Later after checking the tax invoice I was charged $5.45 for each pack.
That's a 36% increase over the advertised price.

Obviously advertised prices mean nothing.



Re: Trade price dearer than retail

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That's right, many shops do it, and many will only give you back the
difference if you can show them the ad.
I once had to argue with a DSE manager, even when the Silicon Chip ad was
put in front of him.
(Check-out chick just proclaimed her obvious ignorance, and inability to do

I almost always check my receipt these days, but nearly every time I forget,
I've been overcharged.
*Very rarely* undercharged. I do get free items now and again from Coles
because of their errors though, but you have to wait ages for them to check,
and do anything about it. IGA is worse, since they take as long just to give
you the difference, no freebies from them.


Re: Trade price dearer than retail
On Nov 29, 4:23A0%pm, "Alan Rutlidge"
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Isn't only them, this crap goes on with many businesses, one glaring
example is these
"office supplies" catalogs that come in the mail (if you are a
business) where the prices
are frequently more than at the local retail office supply shops

One of the biggest rorts there was selling cleaning products,
biscuits, coffee, soft drinks
for substantially more than you would pay for the identical items at
woolies, coles etc.

I have even seen this stuff go on in supermarkets.  Nothing to do but
to check prices thoroughly
I bet they make a fortune out of people that dont bother to check.

Re: Trade price dearer than retail

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Anyone have a business account with Budget rent-a-car?
Many cases it's cheaper if you say you don't know them.


Don McKenzie

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Re: Trade price dearer than retail

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That occurs widely. 'Business' is assumed to be able to pay more. I suspect
that in the background, items such as insurance are charged more heavily if
a business account is involved.

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