Top Marks to Clarion Melb.

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     My wife recently bought a 1990 Mazda car it had a Clarion radio
cassette player fitted which was stuffed, I had a Clarion radio C.D. player
which I had picked up at an auction so I thought I would go down to Clarion
in Moorabbin and see if I could buy the removal keys for the old radio and a
mounting bracket for the new one.
   I went to the spare parts/service counter and spoke with the man asking
if he had the bits I needed, he asked me where the car was , we went out to
the car where  he pulled out the old radio with his removal keys , back
inside he gave me a photocopy of both the old radio and new radio
connections and sold me a bracket with keys and an escutcheon., All for less
than $10 and in less than 10 minutes . I was impressed!!!
                                     Cheers  John Ely.

Re: Top Marks to Clarion Melb.

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Isn't amazing that good service is so rare now that we need to write about
it? Just the other day I was in a shop here in Auckland looking at a
reasonably expensive digital video recorder (time lapse, for security
video), and when I asked whether you could put in a larger hard drive, the
response as:
<chew cud>
"Uh, well..."
<chew cud>
"Yeah, I s'pose so..."
<chew cud>
<chew cud>
"It's up to you, really."
<swallow whatever remnant of possibly organic material left in mouth>

Needless to say, I left. I did go back later and bought it through someone
else there so that little shit didn't get the commission. Damn, what is so
hard about actually doing your damned job??

Phew! I feel better now. :-) Cheers all.


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