this is funny......

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The DNA of Bin Laden has come back as 24% cocoa, 52% coconut, 18% sugar and
6% milk.

Experts say this is probably due to the bounty on his head.

Starbuck are issuing a  limited edition "Bin Latte" coffee  - a dark bodied,
frothy head with 2 shots in it.

When the Americans threw Bin Laden in the sea they put him in a West Ham
shirt to help him sink to the bottom quicker.

Elton John is to release a tribute song - Sandles in the bin.

I bet Bin Laden wished he hadn't filled in that bloody Census form now !

Pakistan may be a 3rd world country but at least their bins get taken out on
Bank holidays !

Re: this is funny......

you want funny?

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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Re: this is funny......
mmmmm i think if they got shot there be tooo much of a uproar,,,,,,,  :-)

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