Tektronix TDS-210 firmware upgrade?

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I have an original TDS-210 scope that I wouldn't mind upgrading the
firmware on. Other 210s offer more math functions such as FFTs etc but
these are later firmware revisions whereas mine is V1.0.

Does anyone know anything about the firmware revision method? Is it
possible for instance to reflash it through the coms module? (probably
not). The firmware is held in a pair of 29F010s with one chip socketed,
the other soldered. A label on the socketed chip says "163-0792-00".

I don't have a problem with pulling the chip and reprogramming it if I
had a binary image of the revision.

This is what the control pcb looks like:


Re: Tektronix TDS-210 firmware upgrade?

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I've got an original TDS-210 as well.
I didn't think it was possible to get FFTs without pluging in the
TDS2MM Measurement Extension Module?
Presumably that module contains an additional ROM?

Dave :)

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