Still looking for NEC FS-6805S help

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Hi Group, still looking for help with an NEC TV with no frame drive. I
have replaced all of the electro's in the vert. stage & also  the vert.
driver IC ( LA7838).
I have supply on pin 1 of 12Vdc, Pin 8  28Vdc & Pin 13  27 Vdc.
Measuring between Pin 12 (output) & Pin 11 (Gnd) in circuit is a couple
of K. On Pin 12 I have 16.66 Vdc. (no sawtooth)
I have a copy of the cicuit for the vertical output stage & also the
page with the jungle IC on it.
Any info greatly appreciated, Ian S.

Re: Still looking for NEC FS-6805S help

On 26 Oct 2006 05:59:41 -0700, sutherland put finger to
keyboard and composed:

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Do you see a good vertical trigger input on pin 2 and a ramp generator
output on pin 6? If you disconnect the yoke plug, do you still measure
a "couple of K" between pins 12 and 11?

Can you post scans of the vertical and jungle circuits on your web

- Franc Zabkar
Please remove one 'i' from my address when replying by email.

Re: Still looking for NEC FS-6805S help

Franc Zabkar wrote:

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Hi Franc, Thanks for the response, I have tried to Email you by
removing one 'i' but without success. Please Email me so that I can
send the scans.
Thanks again,Ian S.

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