NEC FS-6390 TV Problem

Hi All,

I have an NEC FS-6390 here that has no vertical. The TV has just a white line running across the centre of the screen.

Has anyone had this problem with NEC's in the past who can offer some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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David Nicholls

David. I have repaired a few FS-6390 with this problem. Most likely IC401 is crook, this is a LA7838 vertical output chip.

Also check, R522 2.7ohm 2w fuseable. R523 2.2 ohm 1/2w fuseable. R427 100 ohm 1/4w fuseable.

Replace:- C609 100uF 16v C533 2.2uF 160v C611 22uF 25v C411 100uF 35v C607 220uF 10v Russell Grifiths.

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Many thanks for your help guys.

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