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Re: So, you wanted a cheap notebook?
 >>> A bit OT, but this is funny

 >> Can't watch it. What are you guys using for viewing that is safe (no
 >> malware etc.)?
 > My EeePC?
 > I think it's using an mplayer plugin for firefox to do the job, but
 > I'm not really sure because it just worked out of the box ;-)

same here, my EEE PC's run it via Firefox.

Two schools with EEE PC.
1) You love them.
2) You hate them.

Me, I got 4 initially, currently have 3.
1 x 4G, 2 x 8G.

Have run my business from the beach front with one, using a Vodafone USB

My sales dept. PC broke down recently, and we did all sales on an EEE PC
  for a week and a half, while we configured a new PC box. We have other
spares I could have used, but I wanted to see how it performed.

And if you want, you can plug in a large monitor, keyboard, and mouse,
and close the lid.

I used to travel with a back pack and notebook, now I carry a DVD player
case over my shoulder, with the EEE PC inside.

For power, I have an EDV002SA battery backup (is really a DVD player
backup), that gives me another 3 hours or so. This fits inside the
player case along with the EEE PC.


Don McKenzie

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