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I've had several examples of this site adding the wrong item to the  
basket. Don't assume you're ordering what you think you are.


Re: RS downgraded web site
On 18/04/2017 9:14 AM, Sylvia Else wrote:
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I seem to have found a reproducible error now.

Enter resistor into the search field. Select "Fixed Resistors - Through  
Hole Fixed Resistors". Now select Resistance, and scroll down and select  
10K. When "Apply Filters" turns green, click that. When it greys out  
again, close the panel.

Now the second item offered is an RS Pro resistor. Press Add. Note that  
the circle of dots appears, but that nothing gets added. Press Add  
again. This time it says the item has been added, but if you check the  
basket, you'll find that a different resistor was added, at a different  


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