Re: Telex model 812- Ebay- $10 <---HELP KILL OFF A SPAMMER!

Xref: spln alt.collecting.8-track-tapes:34241
formatting link

fully tested and serviced- ready to plug and play
powerful AC motor
all functions work- including integrated amp
As you can see, the posting host is, and they'd probably like
to shut off another spammer. Also, it'd be nice to cc a copy to , but they don't seem to care very much. A
complaint to eBay would be good, as it would shut down his 66fourdoor
account probably permanently. You can access eBay's complaint form by
clicking the "security" link at the bottom of any auction page and
then sending them a complaint about unwanted spam being sent to your
Charlie Nudo is a spammer, confirmed petty criminal, con artist and
fraudster. Please do not participate in his fraud auctions as it
keeps him spamming and selling his crap on eBay and Usenet.
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