Re: Floods & Perishable whitegoods

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Saw a chest freezer today that had been in a flooded area, the plastic
inner cover of the lid had broken away at 2 sides, and in where the
insulation was, was caked with mud which stank like shit. I would have
my doubts as to whether you could ever get this muck and smell out of
the walls of the fridge if this watery mud / shit got into the

The heat from the compressor would probably do a great job of raising
this stink again well into the future.
Ever tried to get the stink of dead mouse off a compressor if it died
on it ?

Most furniture was a write off - anything of MDF or similar would have
been shovelled out.

IN one place, where the entire lower floor had filled with water, the
2 roller doors had been split down the middle, like they were tinfoil,
presumably from the water pressure, probably rose very quickly.

When we got  home the shit smell was even through our clothes, just
from the air.  Didn't touch anything

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