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On Sat, 11 Feb 2006 20:25:59 +0000, Chris Jones

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So I should individually form each of those hundreds of electro's I
have had in stock for 20 years or so? Shouldn't take too long to
do,should it?

I agree that it is a good idea that any electro which you are planning
to use and which has been stored for at least 5 years, should be first
tested, but you don't go around re-forming all capacitors in storage
as a matter of course.

RE-FORMING capacitors which have been in storage is only necessary
prior to use. Some manufacturers spec sheets recommend reforming is
not necessary unless they have been in storage for "a minimum 3 years"
but that is overkill and just playing safe on their part. I have
tested caps (Matsushita's are excellent) which have not seen a jot of
DC for more than 20 years and both their ESR and capacitance  measured
nearly as as good as when brand new.

Re: Electrolytic capacitors

I am a bit wary of using old electrolytics. I usually buy what I need when I
need them. A bit of a pain at times I know.
Some electrolytics will last almost for ever, others not very long at all.


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