Powertip displaycontrast adjustment voltage: Help

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Hi, I'm setting up a Powertip PC-4002B LCD display (40 char x 2 lines). The
datasheet has everything required except what to do with the contrast
adjustment voltage (VO). Can anyone assist? TIA

Re: Powertip displaycontrast adjustment voltage: Help

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Most of the LCD modules are pretty much the same. If you are running
it on 5V a 10K pot across the supply will probably do the trick. Some
of the modules will run on 3.3V or a bit less but to run like that you
may need to be able to take VO negative. Usually the specs don't list
VO directly, but as VDD-VO (from what I have seen, in the range about
3.5V to 5.0V depending on the temperature).

Andy Wood

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