PIC24 USB suspend current

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I've posted this on a Microchip forum, but I thought I'd see whether  
anyone here knows the answer.

I'm using a PIC24FJ64GB004 family MCU.

Is there any way of getting this MCU to consume no more than its maximum  
allowed 2.5mA when in USB suspend mode?

If I leave the USB module off, but set the system clock to the lowest  
value it would be permitted were the USB module in use (16MHz), and with  
the CPU in the idle state, I still see 6mA. The only way I've found of  
getting the current lower is by using the FRCDIV oscillator mode, and  
using a much slower clock. I've tried switching clock rates after the  
USB module is put into the suspend state, but then the USB module never  
resumes, which is not that much of surprise, since it violates the  
stated requirements for USB module operation (which include that a PLL  
mode be in use).


Re: PIC24 USB suspend current
snipped-for-privacy@not.at.this.address says...

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Not sure if this appies in your case, but check  
the Errata on your chip. There are instances
where certain combinations of register settings
can result in higher-than-normal current  

I encountered that scenario with a PIC32, the  
SPI module and certain reprogrammable I/O
pin combos. The chip got alarmingly warm.

As always, turn off all unused modules, even
if their default power-on state is off.

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