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Re: Overhead high voltage lines

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  There has been some tests done recently that detect electrostatic
trapping of atmospheric pollutants around HV powerlines so the
combination of pollution and HV powerlines is not good.

Re: Overhead high voltage lines

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The effects are well known and quantified. There is some debate as to safe
living distances.  You can be confident that Swedish standards are pretty
safe.  Google it.


Re: Overhead high voltage lines

OK, well, its good to see that my GENUINE question has prompted some
discussion, and also allowed certain members of the newsgroup to vent some
anger in the direction of other individuals.  This has abviously been
building up for some time, so in that regard, I'm glad I  have helped.

To the people who ACTUALLY made an attempts to relay wisdom relating to the
question I asked (basically the second half of the comments that I have seen
so far) I say thank you.  I will have a look at the site/s you have shown
I appreciate your time.

To the rest of you, OK, now back to abusing and yelling at each other...


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"Tsunami Australia"

** Fuck  OFF

  -  you posturing, anonymous  JERK .

.......   Phil

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