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Extract from OHS Legal Decisions -

A standard 8 hour working day -

Her workload included:

- Cleaning a minimum of 22 ensuite rooms, including stripping and changing
the bed linen in each room;

- Cleaning at least 22 standard rooms including the bed linen;

- Ensuring each room was swept and mopped;

- Cleaning the shower recess and toilet in each room; and

- Cleaning two shower blocks, each comprising of five shower cubicles.

Superwoman!  That's all I can say.

Do the math.  That's about 10 minutes per room and that didn't include
cleaning the two shower blocks.

Nothing short of impossible if cleaned properly.

The work was done at a mining camp.



Re: I want this person working for me
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I used to work at a hotel as a cleaner, had to clean a whole floor of 8 two
bedroom two bathroom apartments between 11am and 2pm. Usually took under 2
hours depending on how messy people are. The key is to keep up each day.
Once per week vaccuming mopping is completely different to once per day,
there rarely accumulates much mess and any mess that is there is very easy
to remove as it hasn't been around long.

Re: I want this person working for me

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You obviously ain't been to the average mining camp then.
If it isn't the pigs that inhabit them, it's the constant dust.

As a person who travels frequently (in fact way too frequently for my
liking), the average 4-5 star hotel room isn't anything to write home about
in terms of cleanliness.  Lots of glitz and nice taps, but you don't want to
look too closely at anything. :-(

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