help me with this netlist

I trying to make the following circuit using SpiceOpus.

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Lets assume that I have the spice model for the LM317. Here is my netlist (not using node labels on the website):

Power Supply v1 4 5 dc 0 sin(0 34 60)

D1 4 2 1N4007 D2 0 5 1N4007 D3 5 2 1N4007 D4 0 4 1N4007

C1 2 0 2200u

*C2 in 0 100n cout out 0 1u

radj adj 0 10 r1 out adj 240

x 2 adj out LM317/TI

.include parts.lib .control destroy all

dc radj 10 15000 1 plot v(out)

.endc .end

----------------------------------------------------------------- Well I want to plot the output as I vary the value of the potentiometer (radj) from 10 ohm to 15k ohm. I'm using the dc radj 10

15000 1 to adjust the value of radj in steps of 1s to reach 15k. But I dont get the right plots.

Did I make my netlist incorrectly?


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