OT:Help for Newbies and General Help.

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Welcome to all  aus.electronics newbies.

Points to consider regarding this group.

1)It is unmoderated.

This means that there is no policing of language used.
i.e. no check or policing of  bad language .
There are some here that unfortunately cannot
post in a civil manner.
It is suggested that those who are offended  by this killfile the
ones involved.


This is tolerated but generally only if the subject thread is started
by COMM:FS , or COMM
similarly advertising of auctions as

3)Off topic discussions.
Usually ok if prefixed by OT:

4)Offensive headings.
Unfortunately this does happen, again it is usually
repeated/started by the same type of person that uses offensive
language in their posts.Killfiling usually gets rid of the
original post but will not dispose of follow ups from others
who are offended by it. There is little that can be done that way,
except to ignore the thread , However ar filter /killfile of offensive
headings can be initiated in some programs and hence, be a usefull
guard against future shocks.

5)Child supervision.
Because of the unmoderated nature and the possibility of offensive
language, supervision of children is recommended.Some posters have no
regard for children or for their wellbeing.

6)General help.
Many qualified and experienced engineers and technicians are to be
found in this group and are usually more than willing to answer
all/any questions.
They are usually very friendly and curteous.
The problem posters generally tend to be the ones who have no
qualifications and hence no reputation to defend or honour.

For all complaints dial 02 9799 8242

Finally good luck and enjoy yourselves.

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