Olinuxino Linux PC now has 4 variants under design.

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Olinuxino Linux PC now has 4 variants under design.

This blog was only launched a week ago on a single design, however
Olimex now has four designs under development.

Three using the iMX233.

And a new one using the Allwinner a13 cortex a8 1000mhz, however this
one will be several months before the design is completed.


http://www.olinuxino.com/olinuxino-single-board-linux-computer /

http://www.olinuxino.com/imx233-olinuxino-mini-blank-pcb-prototypes-ready /

http://www.olinuxino.com/imx233-olinuxino-micro-76%C3%9742-mm-single-board-linux-computer /

Allwinner A13-OLinuXino
http://www.olinuxino.com/a13-olinuxino-single-board-linux-computer-with-allwinner-a13-cortex-a8-1000-mhz /

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