Blaupunkt Car Radio Cassette mechanism

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Greetings one and all,
Has anyone successfully repaired a Blaupunkt cassette mechanism?

I have 2 here at the moment. One in a Blaupunkt SQR32 "Toronto",
and the other in a Delco from a 1986 Pontiac Fiero.

The Belts & Pinch Rollers have been replaced, but the mechanism will not
lock into play position.  The idler wheel reflectors seem in good condition.

I am suspecting the sensor or the Hybrid ICs on the PCB assy.
Any assistance gratefully accepted !!

Re: Blaupunkt Car Radio Cassette mechanism
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no idea if similar

Blaupunkt  SQM 37
Tape rejected after a couple of seconds
The fault was caused either by the microswitch trigger that senses the tape
in play position out of position or wear on the main mechanical latch.This
latch is much
like a conventional mousetrap and the lip that holds the main arm when the
solenoid is
powered was worn so ground back slightly with a smal grinding wheel.

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