Old Tandy power transistors

I have in my parts collection what look like a complementary pair of
power transistors, of Tandy origin, from years ago, part numbers RS2019
and RS2027.
I can find reference to the 2027 being an MJE34 but I can't identify the
RS2019. Same package and if they are complementary the hFE's measure
around 70. The packages appear to be TO127's. Does anyone have a
look-up list that will identify the 2019 (presumably Tandy part number
276-2019) and the 2027 (276-2027)?
I want to use them in place of a TIP29 and TIP30 in a power supply
circuit (ca. 1975 vintage) and I'd like to check that the two I have
will do the job.
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David Nicholls
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On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:57:38 +1100, David Nicholls put finger to keyboard and composed:
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276-2027 = NTE153 RS2019 = NTE331 RS2027 = NTE332
-- Franc Zabkar
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Franc Zabkar
"David Nicholls"
** Gawd - the TO127 package is as old as the hills.
The first example I saw was an 8 amp SCR, the 2N4443 as used in the Playmaster 128 stereo power amplifier ( Jan 1970) PSU overcurrent trip cct.
Then the popular MJE3055 and MJE2955 output pair ( no T on the end ).
Looks like a BD139 on steroids.
They had gold plated legs too.
........ Phil
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Phil Allison
Thanks, Franc.
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David Nicholls
They've been in my parts box since 1985 at least, maybe earlier.
That's them. And the terminals are nicely impressed with B C E, too.
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David Nicholls

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