NV F65 HQ Panasonic VTR

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Greetings all!
I have NVF65 Panasonic video recorder used as a tuner only. Tape transport
does not work.
I intend to use it as a tuner with my PC. However, when mechanical guts were
removed, it does not react on commands, direct or remote.
Any chance for circuit diagram anywhere?
Kind regards,

Re: NV F65 HQ Panasonic VTR

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Can't help much here, but check the inside of the casing. It may well have a
grounded case, and multiple grounding points from the mechanical guts.

Many a thing I've pulled apart has been grounded this way, something to do
with double insulation I believe.

Even something as simple as a mobile phone can use a metal or metallic
coated plastic case as a ground for the PCB.


Re: NV F65 HQ Panasonic VTR

Thanks Mark for very good point.
I hope Panasonic service will sell repair manual below the cost of the
complete pc tuner...

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