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For those interested in such things...

I guess the news came too late for Vestas:,21985,22291328-2862,00.html

"13 May 2008
Preferred tenderer announced for desalination plant renewable energy

A 63 turbine wind farm at Bungendore near Queanbeyan will provide
Sydney92%s desalination plant with 100 per cent renewable energy.

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners and Babcock & Brown Power has been
selected by Sydney Water as preferred tenderer to power the
Desalination Plant.

Their Capital Wind Farm 96% already under construction 96% will supply
enough 91%green92% energy to meet all the Kurnell plant92%s needs.

The desalination plant will be powered by wind power from day one.

The Bungendore plant will increase the supply of wind power in NSW by
more than 700 per cent.

The Capital Wind Farm alone will have a capacity of about 132

The wind farm will be complete before the desalination plant becomes
fully operational.

The desalination plant is on-track to deliver up to 250 million litres
of desalinated water a day which is twice the original capacity but
under the original budget estimate.

Babcock & Brown Wind Partners and Babcock & Brown Power have
demonstrated they have the capacity to provide a new, clean, dedicated
source of renewable energy for the desalination plant.

Sydney Water Managing Director, Kerry Schott said Sydney Water will
buy electricity and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

The RECs demonstrate that the desalination plant is powered by
accredited, renewable energy source.

93%Sydney Water will voluntarily surrender these certificates to the
Renewable Energy Regulator as unequivocal evidence that the
desalination plant is 100 per cent powered by renewable energy,94% Dr
Schott said.

93%Sydney Water will sign 20-year contracts with energy being purchased
at a firm price, adjusted annually by the CPI.

93%The wind farm will continue to operate when the desalination plant is
in stand-by mode. During these periods, Babcock & Brown Wind Partners
will sell the power to other customers.94%

To ensure a new wind farm is built for the desalination plant, Sydney
Water has committed to buying a minimum of 180,000 RECs a year. Sydney
Water will buy extra RECs whenever the plant is operating to match the
plant92%s total energy use.

Negotiations are proceeding with contracts expected to be signed soon.

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