Mythbusters 20-6-05

Did anyone see my little boy Philip on Mythbusters tonight?
He played the part of "The Tosser". The Mythbusters team thought he was
ideally typecast for the part on the account that he apparently has had many
years of experience in the delicate art of tossing.
Pity he lost the plot and fell to bits in the end. His co-star Buster
however was the real hero.
Bye all.
................ Phil's Mum
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Phil's Mum
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Alan Rutlidge had his Myths Busted:
" WARNING - Tourism dangers for Gay Tourists in Thailand
In my case I was coerced into sponsoring a Thai into Australia. I was lead down the garden path into a false sense of security about my relationship with this person. His aim was clearly to get me to purswade the Australian Embassy to grant him a visa. Once here I didn't exist after he drained my bank account and ran my credit card into overdraft.
Alan Rutlidge (Perth Western Australia) "
............ Phil
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Phil Allison

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