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Bathtub one looks interesting and relavent to previous threads!!

"Jamie and Adam test the truth of some of Hollywood's most famous and
enduring storylines like whether quicksand really does suck people to
their deaths. Can a person indeed be murdered if someone drops an
electrical appliance into a bathtub? And what about the case of the
exploding tattoo?"


Re: Mythbusters Tonight

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Ah, but the question on everyone's lips is will our resident Toaster Boy use
some of those buggered up toasters gathering dust in the corners of his flat
to try out some of the experiments with himself as the test dummy?

Is 7mA enough to stop Toaster Boy's heart?  Will the mystery remain

Of course the experiment does rely on two things.  Having a bathtub and
having a heart.
As TB neither takes a bath or has a heart the outcome of the experimentation
is likely to be inconclusive.


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