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Hi all

I was about to order some components from Mouser when i thought I'd see what
the price difference was between US and AU dollars. The answer is a lot! as
an example a total of $737 AU went down to $546 US + $30 shipping. And here
I was thinking that our dollar was stronger than the USD. Anyone had any
problems with doing transactions with them in USD. The way I see it it
shouldn't be a problem if the total is under $1000 AU (duties etc are
covered in the AUD pricing regardless of order total, when in reality there
is no requirement to pay this for transactions under $1000).

Thoughts? Experiences?


Re: Mouser USD vs AUD
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It is just a scam to rip off Australian customers just like what is
done to us when buying in Australia.
I wonder how many people fall for it ?

Buy in $US and you will save heaps. The freight is only $30 US if you
buy over $200 worth in your order.

Buying an order under $1000 AU will avoid duty and GST (legally).  If
you have an order larger than this, split it into parts,
get them sent a week apart, or if urgent, get a friend or family
member with a different address to buy the second part at the same

Remember that the freight cost is counted in the duty value - and also
it might contribute to the $1000 threshold so keep a bit of a gap, in
case of exchange rate fluctuations etc.  (ie - avoid $990AU, try for
$940 or so to be on the safe side)

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