Microwave motor runs backwards.

I recently replaced the carousel motor in a customers microwave/ convection oven. The new motor I installed would sometimes run clockwise and sometimes it would run anticlockwise.

I returned the motor and was sent a replacement. The replacement motor does the same thing.

Has anyone seen this happen before, I am not aware of anything outside of the motor that could cause this to happen.

Thanks, Russell.

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That is how it is MEANT to work.

You DOPE !!!!

...... Phil

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Phil Allison

You're a month early, aren't you? :)

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dude, nothing wrong with the unit. sharp nukes use a type of ac motor that couldn't care less which way it is going.

this is common of older and cheaper ac motors

the idea is that the direction is determined at startup and it continue in that direction. if you hold the motor it will try to go the other way. as far as the dinner is concerned its getting the same nukeing either way and couldnt care less cause its goose is cooked either way. the only thing you should be worried about is that it spins at all.

old ac powered can openers also randomly started either way. and to force one way you'd trigger it until it went the way you wanted (only mattered if the blade was dull in one direction)

i have exclusively owned sharp nukes since i was a kid (technically i didnt own it then but you get the point), and they always randomly started in which ever direction they wanted. at least 6 units i can recall anyway.

its due to the A in AC. the guy you rang should have known this.

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