Many of you use PolyVinyliDene Chloride (PVDC) to seal your boards against environmental e...

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Hi chaps,

Happened upon a few litres of this stuff (PVDC), its a two part
mix that only cures at 80deg C so can stay as an emulsion indefinitely
until heated by infra red or a hair dryer. I am told its used in all
sorts of applications where oxygen ingres is to be eliminated or at
least reduced substantially, yet I have not come across it in my
electronic travels for some 25years.

A manufacturer of this has indicated it is regularly used to coat
many electronic boards to prevent corrosion but its not on my list
of copolymer products. Its labelled as "PVDC Acrylic Copolymer Latex",
first time I've ever seen this.

Have any of you guys used the stuff ?, it looks like a white
emulsion has a sg of about 1.6, sets upon heating to a clear
film that is very strong. It is labelled as completely nontoxic,
ie Its a two part polymer with a molecular weight > 1000, nonvolatile
and has a long shelf life. It can separate out after a few months
but only needs to be mixed again and its ok again.

Anyone know if its used to coat tupperware (heard a rumour of that),
or if its used in marine applications to seal wood or industrial
gas fittings etc ?

What would it be worth in say 250mL Squeegy bottles ?

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