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Re: Mains plugs for 12V DC


The other problem with his system is that Mains fittings are clearly
labelled "AC ONLY" and are probably not designed to be used with 10A
DC, especially if there are switches involved.

** The  "AC ONLY" prohibition relates to use with a 240 volt DC circuit -
where arcing is a MAJOR hazard.

Generally, if a switch will reliably break 240 volts AC at some amp rating,
it will also be OK at 12 volts DC and probably 24 volts DC at that same max
current.  Nearly all switches and relay contacts have such dual ratings.

However, if like mains plugs and switches, the metal parts are made of
un-plated brass, then they cannot be relied on to *make* in a circuit at low
voltages like 12 volts.

.....   Phil

Re: Mains plugs for 12V DC

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Or maybe not. The PMG once used 4 pin sockets for portable/relocateable
phones that did look similar to the standard "bakelite" mains sockets used
at the time, at least to a casual observer anyway. That was a lot more than
25 years ago however, and the Aus standard 6 pin plug/sockets have been
readily available for a lot longer than that too.


Re: Mains plugs for 12V DC
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We used to use the two parallel pins for 32v or less ac and the
polarised [t shaped] ones for 32v or less dc.

Re: Mains plugs for 12V DC
There are the 12 Volt - 32 Volt DC 2 pin T automotive/caravan
types described here as fixed polarity
plugs and sockets that Malz in WA sell under a KC brand I think.
Also here


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