Camcorder has problem outputting to computer but not to tv....???

I have 2 8mm camcorders. On output to a computer when using one of the camcorders, I observe a mild, grainy, flickery horizontal waviness (more so than just the fact that it's just a less than broadcast image) that comes and goes when outputting to the computer. However, it looks perfectly fine going to a TV. The other camcorder doesn't have this problem.

In both cases, using the same cable, which is fitting tightly on both the cam and capture card. The only variable is the cam.

Any ideas as to why there would be a problem outputting to a computer and not a tv? And why one and not the other?

FWIW, the problem cam is an RCA Pro 8, the other is a Sony Handycam CCD-FX630.

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JR North

Probably a combination of factors. I assume that you are going in through an analogue connection, not firewire. The vid capture card may need a good signal and one cam just hasnt got enough sync signal. It could be that the cam is running slightly off speed and the card can't quite lock to the cam, or the subcarrier is a bit off frequency

Without putting a scope on it, it is difficult to go further

But put the tapes from the "bad" camera into the good camera and see what happens


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martin griffith

It may be an impedance mismatch, the one with the problem may not like driving a 75 ohm input on the capture card.

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