Looking for phototransistors

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Hi,  I need about 6 of those really ancient Fairchild phototransistors,
can't recall the type name. They were in the standard, Fairchild black round
package, with a clear lid. They just happen to have exactly the behaviour
that I need.

If anyone has a few lying round that they would like to part with for a
premium, could they please get in touch.

Or, does anyone know where they, or a close equivalent, can be sourced on
the open market?

snipped-for-privacy@weqstnet.com.au  Remove ecks and kyoo to email.

Re: Looking for phototransistors

It is best to have a part number.  There were many on the market, mostly all
having different specs. Some have similar specs to regular transistors, such
as gain and current rating. They also have different spectral response.
There are types that are only sensitive in particular parts of the IR
region, and others that are sensitive to particular colours in the visible

Below, are some links to give you some basic information as a starter. The
last link has an example of some that you can look up their basic specs.
Engineers subscribe to component design data services, and use these to
select the components necessary for their projects.






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