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If you're interested in seeing a little movie of a bloke maintaining
a live 500kV power line, have a look at

Not sure that I'd like to do that job, though ...

Looks like a revolting job with ample pay, but shocking hazards!

He must be a nice guy, with an electric personality.

Watt's that you say?
As a child he showed great potential, he was often referred to as a bright
spark. He reacted positively, and insulated himself from negative
When he left work, his first job was with the philharmonic orchestra, but he
was fired because he was a bad conductor. He resisted change, and alternated
between a couple of jobs until he found his current work.

I know that guy, his name is Eddy.

Eddy Current ?

Hey, you know him too?!
He just got married to Milli Henry

I heard that she tried to choke him ... but he induced her to do it.
He's been transformed since then.

You just didn't have the capacity to resist, did you? Might I suggest a

Ohm I god, enough already ;)

No, it's because he has an 'Ed for heights.

Didn't he once host "A Current Affair" ... ?

That was a shocker,this thread has brought out most of the old puns.

Never give a pun an even break!

 It Hz me to make atrocious puns like that!

There you go, trying to be punny!

It's just a phase you're going through (in the cycle of LiFe)'s
not a sin cos such a tangent is quite normal.

Impedent fellow !

Just call me Mr. Mega-Hurts!

You're posting these dreadful puns with a high frequency. We don't
want you to leave, but if you do, we'll give you a short wave.

I'll settle for nothing less than a micro-wave! ;-)

**  Looks just perfect for any * bright spark *   yearning to earn himself
a high level position, ASAP.

**  Care to explain how sparks manage jumping to a man riding on a
in mid air.

Figured it out yet? Voltage is a little bit higher than a toaster.

Well I havnt figured it out, the voltage is only 500KV to the other 2
wires, not to earth or to the air.

**  Not 500kV  -  but  close to 300 kV relative to ground.

The copter has capacitance  -  just like a metal sphere or any object does.

To charge its surface up to some voltage takes current flow and time.

Because the line is carrying AC voltage, a small current can flow
continuously in both directions -  hence the fine sparks seen in the video.

All this makes me cap myself, tummy is Hzing,for the answer lies in the
sphere of destiny when Eddy Current holds out the spear to equalize his foe.

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