25" display trying to be a 32" display?

We had a couple of power outages in quick succession today, and now the display on our 25" Philips/Magnavox TR2502 TV seems to have developed an inferiority complex; it now wants to be the display of a 32" TV. The display now appears to be "magnified" by about 30% and shifted slighly downward. The effect looks something like what you might get with a DVD player that permitted "zooming" in on a portion of the image -- all the information on the peripheries of the broadcast is cut off now, and the remaining visible area is clearly magnified. Otherwise, the tuner, sound, etc. seem to be functioning properly.

Any idea what might be causing this? (Incidentally, the TV does not have a zoom feature!)

Thank you

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This is usually attributed to high voltage regulation problems. You would have to call a tech who works on Philips sets, to determine the exact fault. The fault can also be in the main power supply.

It is not good practice to start doing adjustments until all the defective components are located and replaced.

Jerry G.

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