Lighting circuit problem in WA

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Just wondering if anyone can help here.

Just had a new house built and we are getting a problem with the
lights flickering. The builder's electricians have changed the circuit
breakers, changed the RCD protecting the lights and have swapped the
circuit to a different phase (we are on 3 phase). No joy.

In a 10 minute period all ceiling lights might flicker for, say 10
seconds or so but it isn't predictable and doesn't appear to be
associated to any particular pattern of power usage. The flicker isn't
major, just enough to be noticeable and irritating. The light fittings
are mixed inluding dichroic, 10w halogen and 60 incandescent.

Western power have been out to check the dome, pole, local transformer
and board saying all were OK. They put a voltage recorder on for 36
hours and didn't detect any sags or spikes outside of the 240-250V

Understandably, the electricians don't want a bar of it but I'm
obviously at a loss.

I'm guessing at
a: Loose connection in one of the fittings or in the roof space
b: There is a lag but Western Power can't fix it
c: Something faulty on the board.

Can anyone help me pick a favourite?

One other question. The cabling in the roof space is contained in HPM
boxes but seems to be simply taped together (might be soldered
underneath but I don't want to mess with it). Is that normal practice?
I believe the UK have to have physical connectors in their junction

Anyway, sorry for the rambling but I'd be really grateful for some


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