Lighter socket powered mini FM transmitter which plays MP3s from a USB flashdrive

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I've bought two different varieties of these so far, both from Jaycar.
While they're a really good idea, both have fatal flaws.

One can't get past track 127 on the drive, restarting at the first after
track 127. This one also performs erratically or just hangs with some
brands of USB flashdrive. It has no Shuffle function, but at least it
restarts where it left off on repowering.

The second seems to handle all the flashdrives I've thrown at it, but it
has no Shuffle function and restarts from track 1 every time on powerup.
Useless for me.

Has anyone found one of these devices, available in Aus, which works
with all the flashdrives they've tried, including ones with capacities
of 4 or more GB, has a Shuffle mode, and has enough output frequency
adjustment that local stations can be avoided?

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