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I've just inherited an LG DVD Player, DF8900p, which has been modified
to play from USB drives.

The USB function is apparently ok, but it wont play actual DVDs - when
you insert a disk, it starts to play, producing an image on the TV
screen, but no sound, and freezes up, such that you have to pull the
power cord (and then press Open when you re-power in order to get your
disc out).

I'm advised that it's more than likely out of warranty (especially given
the USB modification), and my Misses can't see the point in spending
money on a DVD player when we already have a working one (Philips 736k).

I of course however would like to make use of the LG's DivX abilities...

So - what is the likelihood that this fault is repairable by a backyard
hack with a soldering iron and hammer/chisel?  :)  (Or even a few more
advanced tools).

Is there any good websites that could help?

cheers and thanks


Re: LG DVD DF8900P Help

Not worth repairing.

Either laser or MPEG board are faulty. Likely to be laser. Does it play CDs?

As fro sound, it is probably set to digital output.


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