DVD Player does not play all d/l movies

Has anyone ever seen this problem before?

I have a Panasonic DVD-S47 DVD home DVD player. I've d/l some movies in DVD extracted form and they play fine. Others have video sync problems and are in black and white.

They are not divx format or anything weird, they are actual extracted DVDs in the 4-6GB range.

Thanks in advance

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There are four video encoding types on DVD's. This has nothing to do with region coding which prevents you from playing DVD's from different parts of the world.

The most common in the U.S. are 24/1001 (23.9..) frames per second from 24 frames per second film, and 30/1001 (29.9..) frames per second from video tape.

Outside the U.S. countries that use 50Hz systems, use 24 fps (film) and

25 fps (video).

You can see more information at:

formatting link

How the DVD player displays the different frame rates varies from DVD player to player. Most of the cheap ones have a setup option to select TV set type. You can choose between a PAL TV (all disks are output in PAL), NTSC TV (US) (all disks are output in NTSC) or Multisystem (PAL disks are output in PAL, NTSC in NTSC)

It sounds to me that your TV player is set for a multisystem TV and yours is not. You may be able to change the setting on your DVD player to NTSC only.

The best way to check is to play the DVD's using mplayer on a PC. When it starts up it tells you the frame rate in your console window.


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Geoffrey S. Mendelson

snipped-for-privacy@mendelson.com (Geoffrey S. Mendelson) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@cable.mendelson.com:

Good call! Thanks for your help.

I assumed PAL the entire time but a co-worker claims he converted it for me. Converting all the VOB files was not needed because it displayed the frame rate for the input file.

Every movie that doesn't play is 25fps while everyone that does is

29.9fps. Afterwards I looked at the DVD Player manual and it stated it does not play PAL.

Question: if I play a PAL movie, does the quality degrade or does the DVD Player take care of it.

Thanks again!

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PAL format?

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