Lenoxx electronic kitchen scale

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I have a Lenoxx electronic kitchen scale, model KS-2140

It has an auto shut-off function. Now, normally this would be a good
idea, so that the batteries don't run flat, etc, etc.
But, the shut-off time is very short (about 75 seconds). It is most
annoying (to say the least) when it shuts off part way through the
ingredient adding process.

So, does anyone know how to either a) disable the auto-off function,
or b) extend the period (about 5 minutes would be OK)
Bob Small

Re: Lenoxx electronic kitchen scale

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Most likely it's an entirely software based timer, so possibly no
components to tweak really apart from any crystal oscillator maybe.

If it uses a FET to latch the power on and then switch off then you
might be able to wire into that.

Dave :)

Re: Lenoxx electronic kitchen scale

Robert, if the unit shuts off 75 seconds after the last button has been
pressed. Maybe you could install a 555 timer to activate one of the
buttons with a relay or transistor every 70 seconds.


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