IPOD 3G problem

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I recently got handed down 2 3G Ipods from the kids. I bought new batteries
for both as they werent charging up. Charger didnt work. Replaced charger
still nothing. Used the car charger and it works!! What is going on?

Re: IPOD 3G problem

Possibly a broken wire in the cable just where it enters the plug. It is a
common problem with any equipment with a plug and cable.  Alternatively your
mains charger is faulty.


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Re: IPOD 3G problem

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Nice try but no. My daughter brought out her newer model Ipod and plugged it
into the supposedly broken charger and it started charging! I fear that
somehow Ive not been given the correct model chargers for the older Ipods
but still the plugs/sockets are the same!
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