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Hi all,

I've just made some changes to The Blake Laser website. For those that
haven't seen it before, it's a home-built computer controlled, CO2 laser

I'm now offering a free report (version 1.0) on the site, which you can get
when you subscribe to the Blake Laser newsletter.

The intention of the free report is to help others who are interested in
building their own CO2 laser cutters at home.

Get the free report at http://www.theblakelaser.com

I want to make the free report better, so I will be grateful for any
suggestions or contributions. The report will always be free -
with your help I will improve it over time and continue to offer
it to the home-built laser community.

Also, version 1.1 of the Blake picture e-book is now available too.
There are only minor changes from version 1.0.

The picture e-book is only 97 cents for a short time! Go grab it, it's


Tony Burch

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